Nieces & Nephews

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So TD & I volunteered to babysit Sos last night so Mommy & Daddy could go on a date for Dubby’s birthday. The evening was spectacular. We had sooooo much fun.

Uncle Dubby & Aunt Andi left and I immediately started looking for things Sos could play with (being a non-kid household – this can be a little hard to come by)…but I prevailed and found some

Blue plastic coasters..

a Bouncy Ball…

and Something Shiny….

We took Sos to visit KK, one of our nephews. Now KK looks like a giant next to Sos, who is off the charts in her height, Sos is going to be a tall one. KK loves her. He kept giving her kisses, hugs, shared his cookie crisp cereal with her. He showed her all his toys (although some were off limits, specifically anything Elmo). Then he realized he was sharing our attention and that had to stop. Anytime she was near me, TD, or his mom & dad he was all over us. He was sitting in our laps, just so she couldn’t.

We then went on a shopping expedition to Target. Once again Sos was an angel. She just sat there and ate the cheerios or marshmellows I gave her. She say mmmmmmmmmm every time she put one on her mouth. Target is also where we found her birthday present. Apparently these blocks are one of her favorites, WOO HOO!

Then we took her to Moe’s. She loved the black beans. The chicken was okay, but she would choose a bean over the meat everytime.

Finally we took her back to the house & not 5 minutes later mommy & daddy showed up to get her.


2 thoughts on “Nieces & Nephews

    Jacob and Andi said:
    August 27, 2007 at 12:03 am

    And thank you so much for watching her! She was all worn out from playing so hard!

    Perri said:
    August 28, 2007 at 2:50 am

    Ruth, sounds like she had a great time! She’s a hoot, isn’t she?

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