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Okay…now I am not in way shape or form a computer geek, however I am pretty handy with one. Decently proficient in Microsoft Office and whatever other program I am using I can usually figure out.

This last week has tried my patience in so many ways….patience is a virtue my tookus!

I have been trying for a week now to get my mail merge to work. First using the mail merge to pull a list from excel….no luck. I finally gave up and printed out all the labels I needed plus the extra labels I didn’t.

Then, much to my consternation my boss decides he wants to make a completely new list for a mail out he is getting ready to do in September. So, I go into my mail merge, I type in all 50+ names and addresses…then proceed for 2 hours to get the names & addresses onto the word document. Before you ask…<sighs wearily> I tried using Help, but the help was not so helpful. I know there was just one step that I was somehow missing and just couldn’t see it (I think I got tunnel vision).

Finally to my utmost joy…I did it! Unfortunately, I don’t know how I did it and am not quite sure is is correct. I ended up having 2 docs with the 2 pages of names and addresses instead of it all being on one, but I will not let my joy fade! Why? Because….it is done. WOO HOO!

If anyone knows some quick easy steps to mail merge, from existing or new lists, I would love to get them. You would have my eternal thanks!

Have a Fantabulous Day!


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