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I am finally on vacation…no more mail merge to deal with!!!!!! I know you are dying to know what my exciting plans are!

Are you ready? ‘Cuz they are quite fabulous…

I plan to get ALL and I mean ALL my laundry done. Done meaning: washed, dried, hung up or folded, then put away.

Jealous aren’t you? Knew you would be, everyone should have a vacation like this.

Okay those aren’t my only plans. TD & I plan to spend as much of the upcoming weekend as possible at my F-I-L’s pool and maybe hang out with some friends and family. Next week my #1 goal is to getting my laundry done, my sub-goals are to finish my mantle and hang a few things in my living room and rearrange my guest room (aka: my closet).

Not a super exciting vacation, but it’s not work!

Have a great Labor Day weekend


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