Wee Yah! It’s Pow Wow Time

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When the vacation calendar comes around at the beginning of the year…Labor Day weekend is the first thing I schedule. This is the weekend of the Tecumseh Lodge Pow Wow. My family has been attending this Pow Wow since I was 12 years old and this only the third year we have had to miss it.

If you have never attended a Pow Wow, you should. There is a real sense of family there. You can arrive the first time with as little as a toothbrush and the people around you would help take care of you for the weekend. Now after that, you would have to pay it forward.

There are so may things I love about going. There are some very dear friends, that the only time we see them are at the Pow Wow and it seems as if no time has passed. There are the tables and booths filled beautiful artwork, jewelry, clothing, anything and everything you would need to make an outfit to dance in. There is fabtanbulous food at vendors or in your own camps. There is the inter-tribal dancing (even gourd dancing), with all the different styles, from beginners to experts. Finally getting to spend a wonderful fun weekend with my family.

We are all a little heartbroken to miss the Pow Wow again this year. We have all vowed to we will go next year and nothing with stop us. This is such a great fun tradition to carry on with our expanding family.


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