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Last night we went bowling with Uncle Rodney (my almost b-i-l), my sister TBN and her daughter Bee-Ya.

Now TBN & I are bowlers from way back. Mind you not great bowlers, but bowlers. We have both been on several leagues, we look all serious when we stroll in with our own balls and shoes. TBN intimidates our opponents when she whips out her wrist guard. Well, you get the point, we love to bowl.

When it gets around to Bee-Ya’s first turn, she is soooooooo excited she picks up her 6lb. ball runs up the lane, drops it and proceeds to try to kick it. In the mean time The Daddy is trying to catch up to her to show how to bowl and ends up crawling part of the way out on the alley to grab the ball (my mental pic is making me giggle all over again, if I had had some foresight I would have taken a camera). So, The Daddy gets the ball back and shows her how to set the ball down in the middle and push the ball with all her strength down the alley. It rolled soooooooo slow. It was a hoot to watch her enjoying something so much. All-in-all she did really well. She scored over 60 points both games we played.

Much to my shame The Daddy beat me both games. Now this is a very unusual event, as this is the only sport we play together that I can consistently beat him at. He may win a game by a point or 2, but usually I trounce him pretty good. Not last night. He beat me both games.


One thought on “Bowling

    Jacob and Andi said:
    September 4, 2007 at 3:14 am

    Hey- the blog is coming along nicely! Love the new format.Bowling… love it!

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