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Ahhhhhh…the BMV. Don’t cha just love it? I got to spend an hour there on Thursday. I guess an hour isn’t bad. The Daddy has a Hoosier Veterans tag for his truck. Groovy thing they started was adding a sticker that says which branch you were in. When they went to to get my Native American plate they were all out. That means for the next 30-days I get to drive with a Temporary tag on the car. They said if they aren’t in in the next 30 days I get another temporary tag…Woo Hoo more time at the BMV. Maybe I will send The Daddy since he needs to get a new drivers license.

I have gotten more things done around the house. Mainly picking up. Not only is TBN coming over Wednesday for the ANTM premier, Jessica and her 2 daughters are coming as well. Good incentive to finish the things I didn’t get done while I was on vacation.

Oh and yesterday I had a perfect hair day. You know what I mean…It drys in just the right way and styles in just the right way…It makes you feel like you have movie star hair. Yep that was me yesterday. It was so great that when i got up this morning it still looked decent, which hardly ever happens. I wish everyday was a perfect hair day…yeah not a lot of time for that.

This is not a picture of me

Today, The Daddy & I (mainly the Daddy), started taking the carpet off our stairs. This is both good & bad news. The good news is that it makes the house look so much nicer. The carpet was old and coming loose….ekch. The bad news, it is going to hurt a lot more when I fall down them. Our house is 80+ years old and we have steep narrow steps. I tend to be a clumsy & not pay attention to were I going and oops, I fall down the steps, trip over my own feet, yeah gonna hurt a lot more. Hmmmm….maybe this will convince me to be more careful on the steps.


One thought on “This & That

    Perri said:
    September 22, 2007 at 3:17 am

    The wording under the hair picture just cracked me up. I think I will post a lot of pictures of beautiful women on my blog and put that under every one.This is not me.This either.Nope, not her.Not even close.Don’t I wish?Get a grip.That sort of thing.

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