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Okay – This blog is all about my Momma!

Last week my phone rings at like the booty crack of of dawn (okay maybe not that early, but pretty darn close) and it’s mom. She is all in a panic about, of all things (and a shock to me), her hair.

She and all her partners were going to get their pictures taken for all the new marketing they are doing for AHA! She had set it up where she was supposed to meet with one of the designers at Impulse at 8am to get her hair styled for the photo session. She she gets up, get showered and hair washed and shows up at the salon (with, in her words, stringy hair) at 10 til 8a. By 10 after she realized no one was going to show up and FREAKED out.

Major kudos to my mom for not letting me see how freaked out she gets about things, so when I see it…..soooooo weird.

Anyhoo…I get a call from mom:

Mom: I need your help
Me: uh…okay
Mom: I need you to style my hair.
Me: huh? (real great conversationalist)
Mom: Well, (read backstory above). Do you have time to help me out before you got to work?
Me: uh…okay
Mom: great I will be there in a few minutes

The reality sets in…oh crap!…my mom wants me to style her hair for pictures. What, had I done to her. Yikes!

So I run around grabbing curling irons and flat irons and hair spray, trying desperatly to think of what I was going to do with her hair.

When she shows up, she kinda tells me what she wants.

Mom: you know, kinda fluff it on top and the back
Me: uh….

So I go at her hair and between the two of us come up with some pretty great hair if I do say so myself. When I get a picture from her I will post it. She said she got a lot of complements on her hair all day (Woo Hoo!).


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