Picture Time

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I got some fun pictures of KK I thought I should share.

KK likes to wear other peoples shoes:

He also learned about crossing his legs

I also have a very good picture of my sweetie. He normally looks very constipated when he gets his picture taken…I think he thinks about it to much.

I noted in my profile that I have 4 tattoos. I took special care when I got them to put them in places I could always cover them up if I needed to or show show them if I wanted to. Each one means something to me. Here are what they look like:

This is tattoo number 1 – I got this around my 21st birthday – upper right thigh – This was a present from one of my exes. I am in love with the color orange, flowers, and peace. So what better way to express that then to have them all in one design.

This is tattoo number 2 – I got this one late 2002 – lower back – This particular turtle design was inspired by the Iroquois legend that the world was created on the shell of the turtle. I took a really horrible Polaroid picture of a Pendleton blanket I have with me to the tattoo artist and he did such a phenomenal job

Tattoo number 3 – January 2007 – between my shoulder blades – I have always had a thing for Kokopelli’s. They are somewhat of a mischief maker and also symbolize fertility

Finally, Tattoo number 4 – July 2007 – inside left ankle – This my husband’s and my initials (CRS) – This is the only tattoo I got on the spur of the moment (only thought about it…ummmm…15 minutes)


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