Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Toast…

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…is the best ever! Thanks Perri. It has become a Sunday morning routine in our house. I was very surprised that Chris liked it and then repeatedly asks for it.

Few updates…

This last week has been incredily busy. I have been trying to get everything in order before I left my job. That meant making instructions on how to do things, getting other things ready for the next receptionist (I wanted them to be a little more prepared then I was), plus saying good bye to everyone. I had a few patients call me just to say good bye and it made my entire day. I also got to help narrow down some of the applicants for my job, that was kinda fun.

My new job starts on Monday and to clear up an misconceptions…I am NOT going to be a telemarketer (tried that once…not good). I am going to be in customer service, which means people will call me not the other way around. I am very much looking forward to the opportunities at this new company…so fingers crossed.

Very excited….my pool team is in first place. We have been for a few weeks now. WOO HOO!

My bother-in-law (Chris or MC) and newphew (Stephen) are in town for a few days. They will be moving here next summer. Michelle & MC’s house is coming along fabulously! Makes me a touch green….but waaaaaaaaaaay excited for them. I will have to get some pictures to post. We went to dinner with them on Thursday and I got some fun pics:

Hmmmmm….like father like son?

We went to my mom’s yesterday for a family lunch and Miss Sophia was being fun:

How fun, that was my first video post.

Stephen sent the night at our house last night and got to stay up late and play video games.

So that is all for now. I will try to keep you all updated over the next few weeks on how the job is going.


One thought on “Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Toast…

    Perri said:
    October 28, 2007 at 5:50 pm

    NOW I want toast. I will have to wait till tonight – unless we have it for dessert after meat loaf.Nah – it deserves special time!Glad you liked it. I know what you mean about Michelle’s house. I’m envious and I’ve only seen the outside – Andi said it is beautiful inside.

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