First Day of Training

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Today was my first day of my new job at CMC.

Very positive things to say so far:

  1. I already know a couple of the programs we use
  2. It seems to be a company you “WANT” to work for
  3. I really like the people I am training with

Then there are some of the benefits:

  1. 2 weeks vacation (of which you can roll over 40 hrs)
  2. You can purchase vacation days
  3. 6 Holidays
  4. 4 Floating Holiday’s
  5. Accrued Leave of Absence (LOA)
  6. 6 days Sick Time (unused rolls over into LOA)
  7. 401K
  8. Flex Accounts

Sweet Right?

So, so far-so good

We watched this great video called Employee 101 – very amusing. It about how to be a good employee. They have lost of incentive prizes. Good ones too, no rinky-dink prizes here. Some past prizes were Flat-screen TVs, $500 gift cards.

The next few days we are going to be getting further into what our jobs are…


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