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First off, please keep your thoughts positive for my brother Jacob & my s-i-l Andi. Seems we may be getting another nephew sooner then we thought; Keegan.

Let’s see what else. I got through my first week of training. My brain was spinning by Friday afternoon. In some ways I feel very much ahead of the curve as far as knowledge of Call Centers and how to talk on the phone. Learning their billing program….YIKES! There is a lot the learn and they have so many clients that you have to learn all their different requirements. Mind boggling.

Mom had her Open House at AHA! They sent out over 1,000 invitations….and had nightmares they would all show up. The office looked gorgeous and they had a fabulous turn out. They have been busy doing all sorts of marketing and starting a web page. I think they are even going to keep a blog on the website.

I was looking at my fridge and realized I had some great kid art that could be shared

The first one is from Kaidyn….have no idea
The second one if from Bella….I do believe this was a banana factory
…I love kids

One other tidbit….my pool team is in first place. Well, at least we were as of last Wednesday. I am so very excited. This is the first time we have been in first in a long time. I will let you know how we do. Little background. I have been playing on a pool league with my friend Paula since 1999 or 2000 maybe (somewhere around in there). I started off in 8-ball…not my forte. Then we moved to a 9-ball team…much more my level. We have always played for the fun and companionship, every now & again we do really good and end up in the playoffs and such. It really is a good time, I love my teammates.

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