Spirit Shield

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I had this Spirit Shield done in 2002 here are the meanings behind it:

Horse (Sukawaka)
The social and energetic spirit of the Horse loves to interact
with others. You enjoy talking and your words flow freely. Your friends
are many and you find it easy to make new friends almost anywhere. You
enjoy occasional privacy, but you prefer the companion of others.

Buffalo Tracks (Pte)
The practical spirit of Buffalo Tracks relies on conventional
wisdom as the future is unpredictable. This spirit gives you the ability
to take facts you’ve learned in the past and apply them to the present.
Like Buffalo Tracks, you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, and
allow your senses to tell you what is real.

Sun (Apawi)
The soft warm spirit of the sun enables you to make decisions
based on mercy and sensitivity. You have the ability to give sincere
compliments which people can trust, as you enjoy making others happy.
Like the sun, when you shine, those around you feel warm and loved,
but when you are blue, it is as if the sun went behind a cloud.

Lightning Bolt (Wakinyan Towapi)
The spirit of the lightning bolt is quick to finish what it
starts. No hit or miss, this spirit gives you the ability to plan ahead.
You almost always know where you are going and how to get there. You
are well organized and prefer a life that is structured. When you make
a decision, you usually stick with it. Above all, you strive to do your
very best in everything you do.

Ruth, your spiritual strengths support the position of: teacher,
clergy, coach, social worker, office receptionist, politician, talk show
host, chef and more. It comes natural for you to be: responsible, helpful,
hard-working, sociable, loyal, stable, traditional and law-abiding.
Your extraordinary spiritual strengths give you a strong sense of justice
and dependability. Your greatest challenge is learning how to handle
your time and energy wisely.

You will enjoy life at its fullest when you rely on your Spiritual Strengths and the Creator to overcome your weaknesses. Your spirit is balanced by complimenting strengths in those
you know. Resist the natural tendency to mold others into your own image
and your relationships will grow strong.


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