So much to catch up on…

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So I am now out of training at work and am in what is called the “Nest.” Which is where they put for a few weeks after training. They have a supervisor or specialist there through the day to help you out with any questions while you take the live calls. So far so good. 

I am also working at Impulse again. They are working around whatever my schedule is at CMC. I decided to use what money I get from there to get the nieces & nephews Christmas presents.

Speaking on Christmas….is it just me or did this year just fly by? I just floors me that it is already the end of the year.

We had a great Thanksgiving. The night before The Daddy helped me to make my pumpkin and pecan pies and I also made a pumpkin cake, that was quite fabulous. Thanksgiving morning we had breakfast with Grandma Cynthia and then went to Granna’s for lunch. I was sooooooo stuffed. The Daddy ate like 4 slices of the pumpkin cake and then had a tummy ache.



Sad news, one of kitties passed away. Ubu was the biggest scaredy cat I ever knew. I was a big kitty and every little move freaked him out. The Daddy & I went out the rain today and buried him at my Papa’s.



Hopefully now that I am out of training I will have more time to keep everyone posted in the going’s on in my life.



Ohhhhhhh, one more thing. We got TBN moved into her fantabulous new house. Between the four of us (TBN, Uncle Dubby, The Daddy & myself) we got her apartment emptied and her stuff unloaded at her house in 5 hours. We was some pooped puppies the next day.. I went back on Sunday and we got some of her new furniture inside the house from the garage. She is officially all moved out of her apartment. We are having our first family dinner at her new house this Tuesday.



One more thing. The Daddy had Carnival Day at work and they were supposed to dress up like Carny’s here is one of his pics…tat’s look real don’t they? I thought they were so hot on him

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