Love Actually…

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…is all around us.

******WARNING: Mushy Stuff Ahead******

I am feeling so full of love lately. My last blog was a little mushy too.

I have a husband I absolutely adore, brothers & sisters I couldn’t live with out, and a mom that loves us all unconditionally. I have nieces and nephews that bring me such joy with their innocence and openness. My wish for Christmas is that everyone gets to feel this kind of love at least once in their life, if not every day. I am one blessed lady.

******End of Mush*****

We had Secret Santa this last week at work and I had a fantabulous Secret Santa. I got:
Hot Tamales & SweeTarts
Mt. Dew & Starbucks Coffee
A set of super yummy candles
A Happy Bunny Calendar
A HUGE fruit basket

I have my Christmas decorations up. I spent most of Wednesday trying to convince myself i wasn’t getting sick. I got all my presents wrapped, laundry done, decorations up, and several other things i can’t think of right this now. All to no avail, I was sick. I am on the way out of it now, but I don’t think I will get to hold my new nephew K-man today 😦

Last but not least today:



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