Team Player?????

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Yes that would be me in a UK shirt. As many of you know I am not much of a sports person. I don’t generally watch sports on TV or even have a favorite team. Usually my favorite team is the opposite team that everyone else is rooting for. I shall explain why I even own a UK t-shirt let alone 3 of them. I am getting ahead of myself…let me digress a moment and tell the whole story.

At work we have monthly “Team Player Meetings.” These are meeting to share all the good things that are coming up in the next month and to praise the people that did good the previous month. All-in-all these are very positive meeting and unlike most meetings are actually quite fun.

It was decided by the powers that be, starting in the month of December, we could wear jeans the day of the Team Player meeting if we wore a shirt supporting our favorite “legitimate” team. My first thought was “well poop!” I had realized that I owned not a single sports team shirt.

My next thought was I could possibly borrow my nephews hockey jersey. I dismissed that idea, since he would probably need it the same day I did.

Then I remember that Jessica is a huge UK fan. She has been trying to convert me for the last year to a UK fan. I thought that I would go get a UK t-shirt & wear it to work just for her.

I trek over to Wal-Mart in Henderson for the UK shirt. While shopping I find one…more money then I really wanted to spend. Then I see it…a 3pack of UK tee’s for the same price and the one shirt and that folks is how I ended up with 3 UK tee’s.

I has been talked about since that what I really need is a Minnesota Gophers shirt. I think that would be perfect!


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