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So, let me tell you about The Blog Nazi (TBN)

Monday I receive an e-mail at work from TBN…it went something like this:

“I am about to remove your blog from my favorites since it hasn’t been updated in so long. I visit the site everyday and am so disappointed when it is the same thing.”

This is not verbatim, if I had a copy I would have copied & pasted it for your reading enjoyment (it was much wittier then my condensed version.)

Now I admit I have been somewhat lax in my blogging lately and I have numerous excuses (let me know if you would like me to list them). So here is my update and it is about TBN.

Yesterday my phone rings, lo & behold guess who its is? If said TBN you would be correct. First thing I hear is:

“So, have you updated that blog yet? I am waiting. I checked today because I thought for sure it would updated by now.”

Crap. Caught. Yeah, I came up with several excuses. None of course were good enough for TBN. Once again I was threatened with the removal of my blog from her favorites.

Obviously I did not get it updated last night as was the plan (had dinner with my Sweetie instead.) This morning when I was picked up by TBN I was asked if it had been updated. Shame faced is a quiet voice I admitted I had not. I was given one more chance to update the blog (sigh of relief.)

To be honest I am afraid for TBN to remove me from her favorites, since I am sure she is one of the 6 people that read it. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing even one reader. I hope any blogger who read this is forwarned of TBN. I have learned my lesson, I will be a more frequent updater of my blog. My apologies to anyone who has felt slighted in my lack of updating.

Random Note: I love 80’s music


2 thoughts on “The Blog Nazi

    Anonymous said:
    January 17, 2008 at 6:53 pm

    For the love of all that’s sweet and holy! Thank you so much for finally updating your blog. I couldn’t take the emotional devastation of reading the same thing. However, I believe I did request a picture of your new thermos, which I see you failed to include. (sigh) Maybe it will be on your next entry a month from now.Love, The Blog Nazi

    Anonymous said:
    January 18, 2008 at 2:43 am

    jeez, if I knew thats all it takes then:I will be removing your Living Room privileges if the Living Room is not cleaned up by tomorrow…

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