Great Deals

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I love shoes. I an a shoe-a-holic. I probably have about 55 pairs of shoes and I wear them all. I love boots, flip-flops, flats, strapy sandals, I love a fabulous stiletto heel. I especially love when you can wear a pair of shoes with several different outfits or you have an outfit you can wear with several different pairs of shoes.

I stopped by Target yesterday for a few items and found much to surprise a pair of jeans on sale for $7.50 and a hoody for $5. Woo Hoo! I love a good deal. Then I stopped by one of my favorite stores, District, to have a look around.

And then I saw them, the red boots. The were the perfect shade of red. Not maroon red, or brick red, or pink-ish red, they were red-red. There were only one pair of size 7 1/2 left and they were on sale for $19. YES! Mine-all-mine (I think I had an evil little laugh to go with it). I was so exctited, I of course had to get them.

Yes folks, they really are mine-all-mine!


One thought on “Great Deals

    Anonymous said:
    January 24, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    (The Blog Nazi thinks she shall start referring to herself in third person)The Blog Nazi is envious! She wants some boots too, but has exceptionally large feet and disproportionate calves. Now The Blog Nazi is sad 😦

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