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TD & I tend to attract pets. Since we both have busy with work and such we just don’t have as much time to spend with all our animals (we were up to 2 dogs and 3 cats.)
In the past year, TBN took my cat Philly. I have had her since she was a kitten and she is about 10 years old now. She likes being an only kitty and having to share us with two other cats and dogs was not her idea of a good time. So, TBN took philly to her new house where she is living the high life of an only kitty.
Now, Ubu (another cat) I got from a friend of Uncle Dubby’s. He was an odd kitty, very skittish and very submissive. He passed way this past fall of unknown reasons.
That left us with Burlington and the 2 dogs. Now Burlington is a great cat. She like to play, likes dogs, is a lap kitty. So why did we find her a new home? Once again, we didn’t have the time to give her the attention she deserved, not that she was ignored, just not enough hours in the day. One of the ladies at work was thinking about getting a cat. So I offered up Burlington to her. I showed her pictures. She absolutely loves Burlington. She said B gets along fabulously with her dog and keeps them very entertained.

So now all we have is our puppies Jax & Rosetta.

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