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Yep, that is right my title is CRAP! We just got our taxes done and found out we have to pay the wonderful state of Indiana a hefty amount of money.

Let me tell you why this is CRAP…

When we had our taxes done last year we were pleased to discover that I wasn’t supposed to be paying Kentucky State taxes since I didn’t live there. Woo Hoo! Our tax lady said we should have The Daddy’s work deduct an additional $20 per paycheck to make up the lack of taxes I was not paying so we would not have to pay come this year. I know you are asking yourself how this can be CRAP…I am getting to that.

The wonderful people that handle the payroll for The Daddy work deducted 20% of his income per paycheck as TAX EXEMPT! That means for several paychecks before we noticed that something wasn’t right and his payroll corrected the error we were not paying State taxes on 20% of his income. We finally got that corrected and hoped that it wouldn’t affect us much and conveniently forgot about it for the rest of the year. And that my friends is almost all of the CRAP. Yes that means there is more.

So after me & the tax lady finally figured out why we owe so much, she discovered that his work isn’t even taking out enough in taxes. State taxes should be about 3.4%. The Daddy and I checked his last few paychecks this evening and they still aren’t taking enough out. TOTAL CRAP!

In the end we still have to pay the State the money, but it sure feels good to vent. I hope every one else’s tax adventures aren’t quite as CRAPpy as ours.

2 thoughts on “C-R-A-P

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    Jacob and Andi said:
    April 25, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    For some reason my bloglines isn’t updating me when you blog, so I missed the last two. The taxes thing sucks big time. Jacob’s old job didn’t take out federal taxes for the WHOLE YEAR once. Crock of crap. I thought your hair looked way different but didn’t have a lot of time to look at you the other day. Extensions, huh? Nice!Glad you like the derby so much! It’s hard to get work schedules to work out sometimes.

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