Tribute to The Blog Nazi

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For many months now The Blog Nazi has been requesting a tribute blog in her honor. For many months I have been agonizing over the perfect words to celebrate the woman she is (not really, I just found the time to finally write it.)

Many years ago The Blog Nazi and I were vastly different (now we are just kinda different) and spent a good deal of our time arguing about everything. Even through all the fights I still looked up to her (partly because I was shorter then her.) Then one day she moved away…admittedly not that far…to the Westside. The fighting lessened. Then one day I moved away and discover the cliche “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” was true. I found myself missing The Blog Nazi, wishing she were close by, and wanting to spend time with her (I thought surely I was going a little crazy.)

Finally the day came that I moved back home. During this time is when The Blog Nazi and I solidified our friendship. There are so many thing about The Blog Nazi I love:
* She is loyal almost to a fault
* She is responsible for herself and sometimes everyone else
* She is strong emotionally and physically
* Loving
* Kind
* Witty
* Independent
* A great Mother

The Blog Nazi is a phenomenal woman and I am very lucky and blessed to call her sister and friend. My wish is for everyone to have their own “Blog Nazi.” I wish your Blog Nazi to push you to become the best version of yourself, to tell you honestly you look horrible in an outfit, to be a shoulder to cry and laugh on, to tease you until you want to scream, and to love you unconditionally even though you are “wired” a little differently.

I hope your Blog Nazi gets all righteously angry with you when you feel you have been slighted, listens and offers advise for life’s little (and sometimes big) problems. I wish and hope your Blog Nazi will get up at an insanely early hour to have coffee and chat.

Love you Big Doodie (aka: The Blog Nazi)


One thought on “Tribute to The Blog Nazi

    Anonymous said:
    May 6, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    The Blog Nazi is all teary now. That was a great tribute and she loves you too! You’re the best.

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