Our Own Little Glo-Worm

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Yes that is right folks we have our own glo-worm! Apparently it is 10 weeks along and will be due around January 1, 2009. We are thinking December 31, 2008 for tax reasons, and are confident that our baby will accommodate us in this matter.

TD and I have known for about a month now, but decided to wait until our first appointment before we shared with anyone. Baby has a heart rate of 174 which the Doctor says is great. So far I haven’t gained any weight. I went to the Doctor just before we found out I was pregnant and was at 145lb and am still at that weight. My iron is a little low so I will have to take an extra iron supplement on top of my Prenatal Vitamin. No morning sickness per se…more like all day nausea. I have been eating small snacks all day that keeps it under control. The doctor says I am OK to ride my bike and do yoga for as long as I can. So all-in-all it is a pretty normal pregnancy!!!!!!

We are absolutely over the moon happy!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Our Own Little Glo-Worm

    Perri said:
    June 7, 2008 at 2:13 am

    Ruth, I am SO happy for you both. I just cried when Andi told me. I know you will be a great mom.You will be in my prayers as you await the new year:)

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