Additional Tidbits About Our Glo-Worm

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I was trying to answer all the questions I had been asked so far in my last post and forgot a few.

1)Chris & I have decided we do not want to know what we are having. We think it will much more fun to find out when it happens.

2)Names…we love Tobin for a boy. This is the name of a relative of Chris’ that we found one day at his grandparents house. We fell in love with right at that moment and have been stuck on it ever since. We are not so sure about what we want as a middle name to go with it. For a girl I really like Zola Lorelei, Chris hasn’t weighed in on this name yet. I like the names seperately and together.

Last night we babysat Sophia & Keegan so Dubby & Andy could go to the movies. We had blast with them. Sophia was a hoot and kept us cracking up all night. She made the greatest face when I gave her a bite of a Cinnamon Roll. Her eye lite up like the 4th of July. Keegan was all smiles until he decided that he was hungry and a bottle just wasn’t what he wanted. He was still tons of fun.


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