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So…if any of you clicked on the link below to hear Tori sing and got an article on the Hydro Powered Car(which is pretty cool by the way)…oops sorry. I have fixed the link and if you click on it now you will go to the correct site.

Some fun stuff…

5 Reasons I Love Summer:
*It is finally warm
*Birthday Parties (we have lots of summer birthdays)
*Being able to open the windows
*AC for when it gets too hot

5 Reasons I Don’t Like Summer:
*It’s finally too hot
*Bugs (Especially the ones that like to sting or bite you)
*AC – it’s almost always to cold
*Having to go to work on a really beautiful day

So no current updates on Glo-Worm yet. Our next doctors appointment is July 2nd, I will have more to tell you then. I am learning all sorts of stuff about being pregnant. I think the best book I have read is The Guys Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the First Year. I know this is a book Chris should be reading, but the guy that wrote it is so funny. I totally get his perspective of things. I am also reading What to Expect When You Are Expecting and While Waiting which has the ugliest baby ever on the front.

There is not a lot else going on right now. I had a great lunch with my mom last week. The Blog Nazi and her family will be home for good this week (which we are all very excited about.) The Blog Nazi and MC had their first wedding anniversary this week. My nephew Forrest just turned 16 years old. Soon he will be driving…YIKES! Chris has been riding his bike to work and we have saved a tremendous amount of money on gas. We went to the Roller Derby and Andi got sent to the penalty box 5 times…it was awesome. While we were there I got some great Keegan snuggles.

This was way fun…

Okay, I think that should about catch you up on our doings.


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