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I love presents and love even more that we are getting baby presents.

Our very first baby present is from Miss Olga (a lady I work with) she made us these super cute booties:

Then the other day when I was off and out doing errands all day (blech!) I come home and there is a box on my door step. I am thinking what the heck is that? I haven’t ordered anything…oh goodness did I order something and forgot…hmmmm??? So I get the box still trying to figure what is all about, open it up and TBF sent us a fabulous pregnancy journal:

We love it!!!!! It gives you daily updates on what should be happening to your baby, things that could be happening to your body, little facts about birth in other cultures and earlier in our history, and things like…Did you know? That no matter what your practitioner does it will not determine whether your baby has an innie or an outie. It is determined by the strength of the umbilical cord. I send TD “Daily Glo-Worm Updates.”

I also went to a baby shower this weekend for another girl I work with and they had these cute little boxes with mints in them:


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