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I know, I know it has been sooooooo long since I have updated. So here are several items for you.

The first and personally my favorite is this:

On July 3rd Charlie (a Friend of mine from work)asks me to ask Chris what Chris planned on getting him for us birthday. Keep in mind that Charlie was going to be turning 22. So this is the e-mail that followed:

Me: Charlie would like to know what you plan on getting him for his birthday on the 14th. He requested you not get him the same thing as last year (nothing) or a swift kick in the Booty!

Chris:Tell Charley that I plan on getting him an orange. This will help for when his voice is changing and it gets so sore from him trying to talk in a big boy voice.

Me:Charlie admits that was really good, you got him. He also says, “Seriously what are you gonna get me?”

Chris: tell him I will get him something with 2 wheels that could save him a lot of money on gas

This is what he received:

My other friend from work Sharayah had her little baby boy Saturday – Adian Patrick:

Chris and I finally started with our baby registry. I have found the whole thought of doing the registry very overwhelming, so much so I kept putting it off. So I finally thought…Let’s just get this done and then I can forget about it. So we went this last week and registered. Seeing as how we have nothing we had to start from scratch and get all the big stuff. DONE!

Okay so Chris brings home some zucchini from work so I can make some zucchini bread for him. So, I get started with shredding the zucchini and I think man this has tons of seeds in it. But, I was kinda on auto mode and dismissed the thought. I made the bread. The next morning I cut three slices (to take to work) and two more to toast with some cream cheese. YUMMY!!!!! So I sit down to toasted zucchini bread and take a huge bite and realize it doesn’t taste right. It stated very “earthy”, OK like dirt. I tried another bite and still nastiness. I called Chris at work and asked him:

Me: Are you sure that it was zucchini you brought home?

Chris: Ummmmmmmmmmmmm…

Me: I am pretty sure it is cucumber that i just made zucchini bread with. So you now have two loaves of cucumber bread.

Chris: laughing his booty off.

Yes folks I made two loaves of cucumber bread without realizing it. Chris’ only defense is that he didn’t pack the bag of “zucchini” someone at work did it for him.

I read that Soy milk was to help Glo-Worms memory. I figured that since I tend to…oh say…let my ball bounce on my thoughts and Chris has no memory to speak of, I had better hedge our bets the best I could. So, all Soy milk for me. This is actually a good thing since I have been wanting milk to drink and am lactose intolerant.

CMC had their company picnic last weekend. Chris & I both had two tickets from work, so we took two of our nephews (Forrest & Stephen) with us. We had a good time. We rode (ok they rode, I rode the Merry-Go-Round) all the rides in the morning part and we spent the afternoon in the water park. it was a good day. We went to the Roller Derby that evening. We were exhausted when we got home.


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