Glo-Worm and Birthday Party

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We got some new pictures of Glo-Worm. I think my kid is pretty darn cute considering there are no real features yet…got a great black & white grainy profile. We went to the specialist this week. He did a pretty intense ultrasound and determined that Glo-Worm’s right foot is slightly club footed. He said that there was nothing that we could have done to make this happen, nor could we have prevented it…pretty much luck of the DNA. The doctor was sure that it was very slight and nothing to be concerned about. He seemed to think Glo-Worm may have to wear some special shoes. We have a follow up appointment in September.

This past weekend was Sos’s 2nd Birthday. She is growing up so fast. Her birthday party was at the Boonville Spray park…it is a great place…all the kids got to run around in the water and on the play ground. There were cupcakes with Elmo on them and presents. Sos spent a lot of time with her shopping cart and stuffed Elmo she received. We took KK with us and he would have stayed there all day if he could have.

We kinda forgot that The Daddy’s birthday is this coming Monday (yeah tomorrow)so we have a busy but relaxing day ahead of us. We are going to spend the afternoon swimming at his dad’s and then we are going out TBN’s for dinner with the family. My Uncle David is town from Iowa and it is always wonderful to see him.

Next weekend, Uncle Dubby graduates with Honours from the Police Academy. I am very excited about being able to. We are all so very proud of him. He reminded me several times yesterday not to lose my ticket.


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