So How Did This Happen?

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We went from being so crazy busy in August, to hardly a thing in September?????

August went something like this:

Doctors Appointment
Dinner Party
Doctors Appointmnet
Birthday Party
Dinner Party
Visit to F-I-L
Visit Aunt & Uncle in town
Miss Baby Shower
Graduation, Welcome Home, Birthday Party
Doctors Appointment
Visit Mom at work
Mini Pow Wow

…and now September

Set Up for CMC 10K (which I have to work after)
Bridal Shower (missing due to work)
Birthday Party
Dinner Party
(2) Doctors Appointments

That’s it. It feels almost like a let down. I am so used to going, not having anything planned makes me bored. we did, however, use this time make a window for a friend of ours. I think it turned out real nice. What do you think?

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