Wind, Power, Squirrel, and Puppies

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So last week…yes it has been a whole week now…we had that crazy wind storm (Chris noted that if this was bad to us, how do the people in the hurricanes feel). Our Power went out at about 11a last Sunday…and 6 whole days later…Friday at around 11a we finally got power back. There were only 4 house without power on our whole block and 3 of them…were empty. Chris called everyday to check the status…”we are working on it”…so finally he called and got a little nasty with them. Not sure if it was just our turn or if nasty really works.

We were worried the first few days that Squirrel might not survive. We just couldn’t keep him warm enough. He was trying all sort so of places to get warm:

Since we had no power we were trying to heat Squirrel’s formula up with hot water and we putting containers of hot waters in his box for and laying him on top. He wouldn’t eat and hardly moved. Chris’ dad got his power back Monday night or Tuesday and let us borrow his generator. We were pretty excited to have come semblance of power. We had Squirrel’s heating pad plugged in, the refrigerator, a lamp and a TV. Before that we going on candle and oil lamp light. So now that we are back in power…WOO HOO…Squirrel is thriving! Both of his eyes are open now. Friday morning only one was open and he running around in circles. He opened his other on later that day. He is pretty darn sweet. I think we may end up keeping him.

I finally got some cute pictures of our puppies too:

Jax with his Bear:

Miss Rosetta:


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