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…about a month a go I posted a blog about the present we got for Charlie?

Well Charlie finally remembered to bring The Daddy’s birthday present to him (yes, his birthday was in August…only a month late). This is what Charlie got for him:

Yes, that would some “cucumber bread” for The Daddy’s birthday.

We had 2 doctor’s appointments this week. One with the Specialist about Glo-Worm’s foot. Again he stressed not a lot we can do about it right now and that it wasn’t very severe. He told us that a few weeks after birth an orthopedist would put Glo-Worms foot in a cast, then at some point after that they would go in a cut the Achilles Tendon. The scar tissue that forms when it heals will basically form a new Achilles Tendon. One this heals and after the cast comes off then Glo-Worm will sleep in some booties with a bar attached to them. This will only be while sleeping and will have to do this until about 4 years of age. Our other appointment was just a check up, Dr. Walker says I am doing great, my weight gain is good, Glo-Worm’s heart beat is good, all-in-all things be good!

Glo-Worm is moving around like crazy. I have been trying to determine if our kiddo is going to be a night owl or a morning baby…ours is an all hour kid. So, far there is no set time for nap time in my belly. Our kid likes to party like a rockstar in there.

As you know, we have no idea if Glo-Worm is a boy or a girl. We are definite on the boy name…however, mom tossed another idea for a girl name in the pot. So if we have a girl our possible names are Tabitha Lorelei or Ricki Lorelei (Ricky was my father name). What do you think?

Squirrel is doing great. He is getting more and more curious about things. After we feed him we let him walk around a little bit on us and look around. So far, he has not gone crazy about trying to get away from us or anything. Squirrel is kinda like our dogs; he loves his ears to be scratched and his belly rubbed. We are going to keep him. We are going to start looking for cages for him. We are also looking for a name for him. I think we should just keep calling him Squirrel, Chris wants to name him One-Eye. Chris already had squirrels named Rocky & Bullwinkle. Please post your thoughts to some name ideas for Squirrel.

Note to TBN: I agree with you about the last two sentences on the Piercing Quiz. That doesn’t quite jive with me.


One thought on “Do You Remember…

    amy said:
    September 28, 2008 at 2:36 am

    Ooohhhh…..Kinda likin’ Ricki. I think if you like it and want to honor your dad in that way, then why not? What would your dad think of the idea?As for Squirrel….We had some neightbors a few years ago we called them Dick (that was his name) and his wife was “Nut Ball”. We live above them for 7 years and I have no idea what her name is (neither does Jeff). My vote is for something with “Nut” in it. We think it just rolls off the tongue. 🙂

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