Little Overwhelmed

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Yes I am, a little overwhelmed. The Commercial side at WOW! got us this for a baby present:

Not pictured are a few other items. A stroller (one of those small, light weight, quick & easy ones), a grooming kit, some snack containers…just all sorts of things. Their thoughtfulness and generosity made me a little weepy.

Speaking of weepy…I had a full on mental breakdown this past Monday…and it happened at work…and I had to pawn the guy off on a co-worker. Let me digress a little bit, there were a couple items leading up to this. First, I was the big dork that completely forgot about the time change and got to work an hour early. Which turned out to be a good thing, because there was no one to take some of the calls that I take. Well it turned out, everyone had a really good time Saturday night and every lost their debit cards and everyone had to call in on Sunday. Second, on average I take any where from 75 to 110 calls a day, I had 155 calls between 7a and 3:30p Sunday. Yeah I was pooped. Third I come in on Monday…all the people that were to hungover to call Sunday…were calling Monday. I felt like I hadn’t even left work from Sunday. My wall of self-preservation was crumbling like a bad game of Jenga. One call, from a guy that was just a total booty head tore that last brick out. My wall was gone, nothing left to shield me. I cried for 15 minutes and had to take another 15 minutes to get up the gumption to get back on the phone. I was really worried about breaking down again.

I completely rationalized the breakdown though. I hadn’t had enough time to recover from the previous day, and I am over 7 months pregnant. I thought, “Well, you haven’t really had a huge uncontrollable crying jag all this time, you are probably about due.”

We went to see the the Perinatologist today (the prenatal specialist) and had an ultrasound done. Glo-Worm weighs 4lbs 5oz, and doing wonderful. We couldn’t see a whole lot since there wasn’t a lot of room in my belly and Glo-Worm is taking up what room there is. From here on out we will be talking to which ever pediatrician we choose and an orthopedist about Glo-Worm’s foot. Glo-Worm was of course completely non-cooperative with the nurse trying to do the ultrasound. Whenever she tried to get pictures of anything, Glo-Worm would move. With the lack of room and stubborn baby, we didn’t get any new pictures.


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