And Baby Makes Three

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Thank you for giving me a little leeway on my posting. I meant to be back here sooner, but GW has distracted me a bit.

Being a mom is by far cooler then being pregnant. I know it was mentioned in another post that being pregnant was by far the coolest thing ever, being a mom beats it hands down. I love to hold him, change him, just be in the same room with him. I love that TD can’t seem to change a diaper without GW peeing on him. I love that he is pretty relaxed kid. He lets us know when he wants something or doesn’t like something, but over all he likes to hang out.

GW and I are getting the hang of the whole nursing thing. Major thanks to the Lactation Department at Deaconess. They are fabulous. They called the first few days we were home to check up on us, and they have a store at the Women’s Hospital that you can go in and they will watch and make sure you are nursing correctly. They will also check your baby’s weight. My boy is a cluster feeder. This does wear a momma out, so far there is no rhyme or reason to his feeding pattern and the doctors tell me I am just to feed him on demand right now (demand being the key word). I am hoping that soon we can start getting on a more regular schedule.

TD and I both decided a long time ago that we are not letting the baby in the bed with us. Not only is this dangerous, but we are both very restless sleepers and no telling what would happen. For the last few weeks GW has been sleeping in a bassinet and is really good with it. There have been a few nights where he has wanted nothing to do with it and will only sleep on me, which means no sleep for the momma. Next I want to start putting him down when he is almost asleep and then let him soothe himself to sleep. Up to now we have been holding him until he falls asleep. We can’t seem to help ourselves, we just love holding that sweet little boy as much as we can.

As promised here are more pictures for you:


2 thoughts on “And Baby Makes Three

    Anonymous said:
    January 9, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    The Favorite Aunt (a/k/a The Blog Nazi) got some super duper snuggle time on her lunch hour the other day. Tobin is awesome!

    Anonymous said:
    January 27, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    The Blog Nazi says it’s been 17 days since your last post! How are people supposed to keep up with your life (which now means your kid and not you) when you aren’t putting any new info out there? TBN needs to see new pics of Tobin 🙂

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