2 Days In A Row

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I have managed to get on the computer.

We are without power again. Our power went out at about 1am this morning…hopefully it doesn’t take a week to come back. Tobin and I are spending the day at Chris’ work. They have a room set up with a TV and computers for their employees and that is where we are hanging out.

Tobin is wide awake…which is happening more and more. This means longer sleeping times at night….WOO HOO! He is recognizes my voice and is starting to follow things with his eyes. We are getting some actual smiles…adorable!!!!!


One thought on “2 Days In A Row

    Anonymous said:
    January 30, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    That’s not a smile, that’s GAS! 😉 Just teasing. I LOVE the pics you posted! Thank you! I miss you sooooo much and wish I could be there to snuggle with you and Tobin. He is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Sorry to hear about the power outages… why does the “exciting” stuff always happen when we aren’t there?? Love ya. Big hugs and smooches to Tobin. -The Best Friend

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