Feed, Burp, Hope for Sleep…

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…this has become my existence. Not complaining…OK maybe a little bit. Being at home 24/7 with a newborn is hard work.

Feeding, burping, changing diapers, trying to figure out what a crying baby wants after you have done all of the above…then starting all over again.

Tobin and I are trying to make more outings, but it never fails…we get somewhere and he is hungry even if I just fed him 10 minutes before. The idea of being able to eat a meal is gone. I get food ready and he is awake and wanting my attention.

I love those times when Tobin just wants to be held. He makes the cutest little noises. When he gets hungry he will rub his face against my chest and snort like a pig. When he yawns, he makes a little noise when he catches he breath.

We have started tummy time, which he hates and cries the whole time. I put my face close to his and talk to him and have toys to try to distract him. No avail, tears the whole time. From what I understand this is pretty normal.

Parenting and being a stay at home mom is a full time job.


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