Grrr-Arrgh (not the Mutant Enemy kind)

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I like my bank, they are a good bank. I have had good customer service with them, no major problems ever.

Today I am frustrated like no other. We got our tax refund last week and the website has been down everyday this week. I know I can still go spend our money, but I would like to pay bills, which I do through the website.

I hate when things don’t work like they are supposed to.


Mom & Dad’s…You got any great tips on sleep training your babies? I need to start working on that with my Glo-Worm


2 thoughts on “Grrr-Arrgh (not the Mutant Enemy kind)

    Rhonda said:
    February 25, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    Ruth! Are you using the H&R block Emerald green card? If so that same thing was happening to us. Do you have the same card they 1st gave you? (without your name printed on it) If so the one with your name on it (normally sent a few weeks after) is the one you need to re-regestier online. That's what fixed our problem- Good luck!And for getting sweet Tobin to sleep. My only advice is to fill is tummy, burp him good, and lay him down. If he's a bit fuzzy, whining..But you know he's fine, just let him be- they normally fall asleep within a few minutes. He's so adorable. Best wishes!

    Amy said:
    February 26, 2009 at 1:56 am

    I think the trick is to make them feel safe at all times. Jolee napped and slept in her bed since the day she came home from the hospital – but I would get her at every cry.I kept Jolee swaddled all the time when she was in bed (it was January!) and then when she was strong enough to worm her way out of it we moved her to the sleep sack.She slept through the night at 5 weeks and has ever since. Though I doubt any of the above had anything to do with it – We just freakin’ lucked out!

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