Grrr Arrgh Update

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Okay so it wasn’t the bank that wasn’t working.

Apparently we just needed to reboot out router. Although, very confused as to why it only affected the one website and not all the others. So not the techie on that.

Anyhoo, website fixed, bills been paid, getting ready to pay somethings off…WOO HOO!

Rhonda: no I didn’t have the card from H&R Block. We have a lady that does our taxes and they are direct deposited into our checking account. It was my checking account that I couldn’t get into.

General Blah: one of my most favorite clothing stores is closing this week. Most of my most favorite clothes came from District and very distraught that they have to close. I went in today & found the cutest shoes and a skirt for a total of $12. The have this really groovy oval table for sale for $20. I think it might be too big, but I am going to have Chris go check it out after work and if he thinks it will work we are going to buy it for the basement as an entertainment center.


One thought on “Grrr Arrgh Update

    Rhonda said:
    February 26, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    Oh well in that case’ I’m glad you got it figured out and sorry for wasting your time on me trying to figure out your prob. Story of my life! Lol

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