Happy Birthday to Me

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I love my birthday. Some say its because I am a middle child, I prefer to think of it as a day you are allowed to be totally self involved.

Today was a nice day. Chris took the day off to spend with me. We had lunch at Ma Ti’s (China Bistro) with my f-i-l. Yummy goodness even with Tobin crying his head off (turned out to be an itty bitty burp, then hunger.) From there we went to Deaconess for a weight check on my little man, Tobin is a hearty 12lbs 5oz. From there we went to borders, and from there we went and walked around the mall.

Tobin has been a bit fussy today, I think it’s because he slept a lot yesterday and has hardly slept at all today.

Our final stop was to the rug store. We found one we liked and they let us bring it home to try it out in our living room. Chris thinks we need one with more color (says the color blind one)! So we are going to take it back.

Tobin is hungry, so much for being totally self involved.

Thank you so much for all the Happy Birthday Wishes!


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