First Official New Mom Freak OUT

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Okay so the other night, I am awakened about 11p by the rain. Not just any rain, fierce rain with wind that suspiciously sounded like a freight train to me. I keep looking out the window (without my glasses which kinda adds a little more surreal, scary quality to what I am seeing) and the trees are just a blowing. The rain is pounding the windows, I have never been much for storms anyhoo, but this one freaked me out. I firmly believe it was the sound of that wind.

We received a video monitor for Tobin’s room, looking over to see how he is doing, I realize now might be a good time to put on those glasses. Tobin is fabulous, sleeping like a log. For some reason this isn’t good enough for me. I went and checked on him two times (by the way you couldn’t hear the rain or wind in his room). Sitting in our room struggling with the thought of whether or not I should to the basement, the storm subsided.

Let’s see, 2 1/2 months about time for the new mom freak out.

I have one more bit of Happiness to add to my last post:

Tobin rooting on my cheek and then sucking on my chin.


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