Grown Up Talk

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Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE staying home with my sweet boy, but I miss grown up talk. The thing is, when I get a chance for grown up talk, all I talk about is Tobin. I realize this is because I spend almost 24 hours a day with him and my world revolves around him at this time, but I miss grown up talk about things other than my kiddo.

Speaking of which, I do have something to talk about. Chris & I had a date night last night (major thanks to Wendy & Jeremy for babysitting.) The plan was to go to the movies then out to eat (my choice since it was for my birthday), it almost kinda went that way.

We were starving when we left the house to take Tobin to Wendy & Jeremy’s, so we stopped at Hardee’s and got simple cheeseburgers to hold us over until after the movie. We went and saw Watchmen…LOVED IT…not a kid movie at all, not even sure I would let teenagers see it. This movie was 3 hours long, by the time the movie was over we had to come back by the house so I could pump. Then we noticed the cheeseburgers were still holding us over…hmmmmm…to eat or not to eat. After some thought we decided we needed to eat a little something or we (meaning me) would be awake at some crazy hour of the morning wasting away to nothingness. Now, the problem is its late (after 9p…yes this is late for me now), places are closing and we aren’t super hungry so making a decision on were to eat is nearly impossible. We end up at Wendy’s (the restaurant not the babysitting friend) for dinner. Okay, not the sit down grown up talk dinner I was really looking for, but we went inside not the drive thru.

I can’t believe how much I missed my little man in the 4 short hours we were gone. I was so glad to get him. Here are a few new pictures. It is amazing how quickly he is changing. Chris’ sister, Carrie just had a little girl and she is about the same size as Tobin was when he was born, my kid looks ginormous next to her. I can’t believe he is getting so big already.

Chris is already teaching Tobin how to bribe me:

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