New Neice, Music, Time Management and the list goes on

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First off: welcome to the family Kye’ana Nye Lakelyn-Marie Stott (that’s her big brother Forrest holding her)

Second: Happy Birthday to Kaidyn

Third: Much to my excitement I as able to take a vinyl of children’s songs from when TBN and I were little and a cassette tape from when Dubby was little and have them transferred to CD’s. I have spent the last couple days getting the lyrics together for when I make copies for the family. The best was the vinyl, Barry Louis Polisar has a website that has all his lyrics and I could just copy and paste then. The album is called I Eat Kids & Other Songs for Rebellious Children. The Cassette I had transferred is call Bellybutton, by Heather Bishop. Big boos to her for making you pay to get her lyrics. Okay so the cassette wasn’t a total wash on the lyrics. The cassette came with a copy of them, but was to large for me to just scan. Yes I am lazy and tried to take the easy way out, but I ended up typing them all in. Now all I have to is make CD copies for the family.

Fourth: Okay new mom’s explain me this…how did you ever get anything done during the day with a new baby? I have been trying and trying and trying and…well you get the point. Just when I get something started or am right in the middle on something Tobin starts crying. He has been doing better this last week about laying down for a nap during the day (which is how I am getting this typed right now), so hopefully that will help. Any other tricks you can share?

Fifth: Woo Hoo! I get to spend the next six weeks with my fabulous niece Bella. Her daycare provider is going on maternity leave and TBN entrusted me with her daughter. This is exciting for a couple reasons: 1) Bella cracks me up and I love spending time with her 2) It let’s me stay home a little longer with Tobin

Sixth: Okay so at some point I am going to have to get a job. We did our budget I really don’t have to make to awful much on a weekly basis, so I looking for some part-time work. After some thought, it was decided I would need part-time of an evening so we would not have to pay for daycare. I am thinking about applying at the video store withing walking distance from our house.

Seventh (I told you the list goes on): I have decided to paint my own picture for my living room. With the completion of our basement and the rearrangement of the entertainment centers (love not having a TV in the living room), I have a blank wall. It’s not a huge wall, it’s a decent space between two windows, but it was covered up by the entertainment center so there was no need for art. I thought about it and have looked all over, but nothing was good enough or called to me enough or was just plain old too expensive if it did. So, for less then $20 I am going to paint my own picture. I will post a picture of the picture when it’s completed.

I believe the list has been completed.


One thought on “New Neice, Music, Time Management and the list goes on

    Amy said:
    March 26, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    First – Did Tobin look totally huge next to his new cousin? Funny how they grow and you don’t see it all the time.Second – You will not get anything done until about 18 months old. If you do, the you’re WAY ahead of me. They are needy little people!!! You’re either interupted or exhausted – THEN the crawling starts…then the pulling up stunts…then walking.The good news is that your true friends and your loving family don’t come over to see your house or worry too much about what is/not done. Just do the best you can, enjoy being with your little man and worry about the important stuff (snuggles and maybe some photography of your boy).YOU’RE DOING A GREAT JOB RUTH!

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