Eating Healthy

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My new best friend is Lickity Split: Health Conscious Meals for People on the go. Okay maybe not best friend, but near and dear to my heart. Okay maybe that is still a little much…how about just good for our hearts?

We decided after a very good presentation by a nutritionist at Chris’ work. Instead of dieting, which never sticks, we are trying to change our eating patterns. Portion control is the big thing for us. So far so good, the food has been tasting and the recipes fairly easy. She has it broken down into a weekly schedule: Monday is Slow Cooker night, Tuesday is pasta, Wednesday Oven/Exercise/Eat, 15 minute meals, 30 minute meals and a pizza night.

I learned that Lentils don’t really have stones, it just means that they should be washed. I am thinking for the new to Lentils peeps, that would have been easier to say then “picked over for stones.”

This will hopefully help us to lose some weight. We are walking whenever the weather is nice, Tobin loves to be outside. Bella and I are going to start doing some yoga, she is very eager to learn.

On our way to feeling healthier!

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