So Many Things Accomplished

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I have a been a busy little bee this week and it’s only Hump Day…think I might take a break today.

I had a list:
1) Take truck in to get brakes fixed & power steering fixed (possibly have the fog light fixed)
2) Type up some receipts (rent payments)
3) Call the Water company for possible leak at the end of our driveway (this busted a few years ago)
4) Go to store get trash bags and starch

What I go done
1) Completed, except for the light. They wanted $190 to replace the light. The part was $140 by itself & the rest was labor
2) Finished…in fact typing up one more after this
3) Done…no leak. What prompted this call? Just before I had Glo-Worm, the upstairs bathroom started backing up. I called the water company then because we had noticed water standing at the end of the drive way like before when it busted, but no one ever came. Then I had Tobin, was adjusting to staying at home…yadda, yadda, yadda. Anyhoo, we had Kent (they guy who renovated our basement, he is super handy) take a look at it. He said it looked to him was backed up outside. So I called the water company Monday, they said no leak. So I called Roto Rooter and Kent was right, backed up outside. They fixed the backing up part yesterday & today are finishing that up and then they are going to fix a drain in the basement. Chris & I learned the hard way to let the professionals do the plumbing! Our plumbing has been plumbed.

Okay so I actually started this blog on Wednesday & now it is Friday…got a little side tracked. There was a whole other paragraph but the bloggy thing wasn’t saving…so I am picking up where I left off…

So, Tuesday was the first day I had Bella for the day. It started off wonderful, Bella was great with entertaining Tobin, we had an Easter egg hunt, then it was nap time. Bella laid down at 10a for, when she got up she said she didn’t feel so great. Then off to the bathroom to toss her cookies. After that she thought she was okay & still wanted to go to school. Off we went, we were almost to Boonville when she she says she thinks she is going to be sick. Before I could pull over I hear “Oh, snap!” When I got pulled over and got out to help, bless her little heart…she tried to catch her sickness. No school. We got her cleaned up and brought her back to my house. She stayed home the next two days with fever. Poor kiddo. She was back today and a great helper again. She helped me get the covers to CD’s of music folded & in the cases.

Yesterday morning since it was so nice, Tobin & I went out. We went to Micheal’s, Target, visited Chris @ work, had lunch with Granna, went to the salon, finally we went home.

Chris just mentioned the most wonderful thing in the world. He said he might try to be the one to get up with Tobin at night on the weekends. I think we are going to try it out and go from there. This would be so nice.

Looky at these great pictures of my niece & nephew


One thought on “So Many Things Accomplished

    Anonymous said:
    April 6, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    TBN thanks you in huge amounts for taking such good care of her kiddo. She’s sorry you had to deal with big kid puke.

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