Come On Get Down With The Sickness & Other Odds and Ends

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So we have had our first round of family sickness. TD came home not feeling so great. He had a stuffy nose and scratchy throat. Not long after that Glo-Worm started fussing and tossing his cookies every time he ate (still going on). Yesterday morning (like 3am) I woke up and my throat was scratchy. Luckily for TD & I it is not lasting very long. I already feel a little better today. I can’t wait for a real round of sickness to get us…okay yeah I can wait.

GW had a great first Easter. Grandma Cynthia got him an Easter basket with this duck that makes the greatest quacking noise (Glo-Worm loves it) and a movie and some sweets (mommy & daddy are helping him with those). Papa Phil got him a tiger shaped blanket, I think he will like it once it is washed. We went out to TD‘s Aunt Mary’s to visit with the Schneider’s. Most of them hadn’t seen GW yet, so he got loved on a lot. He didn’t have his regular naps yesterday and he did really good for being over stimulted and tired. We wanted to get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny, but the smallest package was $25.00. So, we made our own Easter Pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Now here are two pictures, do you know who my kiddo looks just like?

The last three nights my boy has been sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches! I LOVE IT! The first night I put him down at around 10p, I woke up at about 12:30a thinking he should wake up soon and went back to sleep, when he woke me up it was almost 3a. I can so get used to this. Hopefully this will go on and on…

This last week was my first full week with Bee-Ya. This last week was also hectic, lots of doctors appointments and other errands and then getting ger to Boonville for school. I am hoping this week is not so crazy.

I have a few more fun pictures of GW for you:

Now for your funny bone:

The middle picture, the first is TD(4y) & Aunt Carrie(21m) on 8-14-1974, the second is TD(8y) 11-1978, & the third is TD(7m) 3-1971.

The look-a-like…Grandma Cynthia.

One thought on “Come On Get Down With The Sickness & Other Odds and Ends

    Shannon said:
    April 17, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    Look at your lil’ guy… awwww growing uP! 🙂

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