TBN Hasn’t Scolded Me Yet…

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…for the very long period between posts. It must be because she was to busy at work.

The last few weeks have been busy-ish. our nephew TMK spent last weekend with us. We picked him up Friday and we spent the whole weekend outside. Okay little clarification…last weekend meaning the weekend before this dreadfully dreary weekend.

Sunday we went to Audubon Park and the Ranger had a hawk out, we also went to Pawpaw Phil’s to help get the pool ready. GW loved being a naked baby…i.e. no shoes.

Here are a few pictures from the lovely weekend:

Having Bee-Ya during the week has been a lot of fun. In fact I will have her until the end of the school year. She is such a good big cousin. She wants to help with GW all she can and she does, she loves to play with him. We want to more things then our schedule allows for us right now. She gets to my house between 8a&9a, at that time GW has gone down for his first nap. After that we having feedings, tummy time, then GW‘s second nap & Bee-Ya’s rest time, finally lunch then we are on the road to Boonville. After we drop her off at school, GW & I have been hanging at City Park. I read or crochet while he sleeps, when he wakes up we take a walk or swing. We have also been going to the library and I have been reading to him. Then we pick Bee-Ya up, go back to E’ville, at this time guess who’s ready for another nap (I wish it was me)? It is busy, but we still manage to have a good time.

This past weekend we were going to go to the new Menard’s…didn’t happen.. We pulled into the parking lot & kept going. It was sooooooo busy. We ended up going to Princeton to eat at Tim Allen’s Awesome BBQ. Sunday, we went to the Giant Flea Market, TBN was there too…look what she found:

All-in-all we have been having some good times. I am ready for the warm weather to stick…all this rain is so blah…blah…blah…

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