My Sweet Baby

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My sweet baby is starting to look like a little boy…makes a mommy sad.

I don’t always recognize the changes in Glo-Worm as much as other people since I am with him all day long. Recently one of The Daddy’s uncle’s passed away and we were getting ready for the funeral and after I got my little Glo-Worm dressed…I realized he was looking like a little boy and not a baby anymore.

He is growing so fast and doing things now. He can balance himself on his shoes just holding onto my thumbs (he has been adventurous enough to start letting go), he is so close to crawling, and he is so close to sitting on his own. All these things make me so glad I didn’t have to go back to work. The idea of some stranger getting all of our firsts broke my heart, now we get to experience them.

The Daddy is getting lots of QT with Glo-Worm. Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings I have working at the salon (little extra pocket money) leaving the boys to fend for themselves. Wednesday have been a little rough, The Daddy has been at work all day & is tired and Glo-Worm is starting Crank Master T time. Saturday’s I think have been pretty smooth. They are getting their rhythm with each down and are having a good time.

Glo-Worm loves being outside. While we wait for Bee-ya to get out of school we go to the park a lot. He loves to swing and walk around the park. All the old men stop their fishing to talk to him.

I am going to be watching my niece this summer. We are planning swim lessons for her and Glo-Worm (she is very excited), a reading program at the library for both of them, we are going to try to spend as much time outside as we can. We want to paint some pictures (which reminds me, the painting I told you about is an earlier post…coming along nicely…just need to find time to finish it), maybe do some baking. I am real excited about spending the summer with her.

Okay…one more story…I completely forgot all about this. I have a history of being pulled over for speeding (yes I have a lead foot, think the Wolverine-ish chick in the X-men after he fills her all up with the metal goop). I have even been pulled over for the window tint on my car. We recently got pulled over for laughing.

So here is what happened. We were driving North on Boeke in the right hand lane. Suddenly there is a cop right behind us (we were actually not speeding or anything)no biggie. Now, there are two kids on the sidewalk, one on the actual sidewalk and one walking on the curb playing with a ball. The Daddy swerves a little to the left hand lane because he thought the kid on the curb faltered. Just as he swerved the cop had tried to move into the left hand lane. Then as we moved back into the right hand lane the cop tried to pass us there. So, he gets in the left lane and passes us stops waits until we pass him then pulls us over.

He then comes up to The Daddy’s window and asks how many kids we have in the car. The Daddy replies “Did you see the kids on the sidewalk?” The cop asked for license, registration & insurance and says “I guess you thought that was funny.” A rather cryptic comment. While I am getting the registration for The Daddy, Glo-Worm is in the backseat screaming because he was starving. The Daddy was talking to the cop and I hear him ask for the stuff again and says “this is the third time I have asked.” We get him the info and walks off. Now we are analyzing what happened. We did indeed laugh about the cop not in the “ha ha look what we made him do”, but in the “ha ha what is he doing? confused kind of laugh.” Mr. Cop comes back to the car and says “I apologize for my attitude a moment ago, we are busy this weekend and lots of people are out.” He then proceeds to explain that we are not to swerve unless something is actually in the street (which The Daddy thought there was). So that is how we got pulled over for laughing.


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