Memorial Day Weekend

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I was telling Chris the other day that I remember our first Memorial Day together. We had only been datinga month or so and at the time his grandfather had a house down at Eddycreek. We went down there for the day…it was a nice day warm but not hot…

Anyhoo, we went out on the boat for a little bit. While we were out Chris spotted some driftwood he wanted. So there I am hanging off the back of the boat to grab the driftwood for him and full of grace that I am…I slipped & fell in. This Memorial Day was just a memorable. We took Tobin swimming for the first time. he LOVED it. He was kicking and blowing bubbles and just loving it.

Summer vacation has started. Today we are going to the library to sign Bella up for a summer reading program after that we are going to the YMCA to sign her & Glo-Worm up for swimming lessons. Plus we have all sorts of other errands to run today.


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