Busy, Busy, Busy

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We have busy the last few weeks. Bella started her swimming lessons, which she LOVES! She is doing very well in the class. I think she will pass to go on to the next level. She is talking about being a lifeguard when she gets older, and thinks is is super cool that Aunt Andi & Uncle Chris were lifeguards.

Tobin & I are going to a Born to Read class on Wednesday mornings. He LOVES it. It is a very interactive class. We sing songs & dance and read stories. I think he has a crush on one of the little girls.

Bella & I made zucchini bread. My brain is till trying to comprehend that she DOESN’T like zucchini bread. She didn’t like the smell, she didn’t like the taste, she really didn’t like it.

Tobin’s cousin Lakelyn giggles at him like he is the funniest thing ever. Every time she sees him she laughs at him. We all visions of them blaming each other for what ever mischief occurs.

Forrest turns 17 today…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY FORREST.

I am totally addicted to facebook…..arrrgghhhhh….farm town, quizzes, commentd, pictures…I love it all


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