Rock Around the Clock

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Since Glo-Worm’s surgery, he has decided a later bedtime is in order. I have a love/dislike feeling about this.

Love: that we can go places without him being too cranky and ready to go to bed. That I get to spend more of my day with him.

Dislike: I miss that little bit of me time before we went to bed. That he can’t decided exactly what time to go to bed.

I think we are settling into the 8p-ish area, but it has varied from 7p to 10p.

A few weeks ago we went to Wendy’s house for Bee-ya & Leland to swim, they had such a good time we are going back tomorrow.

Over the weekend we got Glo-Worm one of those thingys that you can put in the seat of shopping carts and such. He loved it. He was so excited about seeing everything around him, he couldn’t decided what to look at first.

This was just too cute…


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