I didn't really believe it…

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My friend Jessica says Tobin’s looks change every time she sees him. She said if you put him with a line of other babies, she’s not sure she could pick him out. I didn’t really believe it until this past Saturday. My little boy looks different, although I think I could pick him out of a pack of babies.

Not radically different, just different. A little more little boyish, less babyish, I guess.

I was feeding him Saturday afternoon, after he was finished he was sitting on my lap talking and playing with my face when I notices it. He smile was a little different, the look on his face was different, the way his face responded to me was different.

I see him everyday, so it takes me a longer to notice the changes in him. This got me to looking at pictures from after he was born until recently. He has changed so much, yet not at all…


2 Months:

4 Months:

6 Months:

A little different each time…he is growing up so fast. Glo-Worm is sitting on his own now. He can pull himself up even with his cast on. He can rollover…he gets stuck in the cast sometimes. When the cast is off, I think the crawling is going to take off, he is so ready to be mobile. I love his slobbery kisses, his snuggles, his smile…

Life is good.


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