Tobzilla & Other Bits & Pieces

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I got my hair cut…woo hoo…loving it



Other news…we sent an application the Hadi Shriners to help us with the cost of Glo-Worm’s corrective shoes. They are super expensive and are not cover by our insurance (get this…if he lad leg braces those would be covered, but corrective shoes are not) and thought we would give the Shriners a shot. Our application was approved and we have an appointment to meet with them in August. The count down has begun…9 more days until GW‘s cast is off. Hopefully this is his last cast. We plan to spend the next few days after that at Pawpaw Phil’s pool.

Bee-ya only has about 2 weeks until school starts…I think Glo-Worm will miss her.

I am looking for work…BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! There is a fitness place opening right by our house and I interviewed there…seems like it it went very well. If I work there, I can walk to work and on days that my schedule overlaps with TD, I can take GW to the children’s center they have.



One thought on “Tobzilla & Other Bits & Pieces

    Anonymous said:
    July 27, 2009 at 10:11 pm

    Lol – too stinkin cute! when it ends Becca says Again again!! We've watched it 4 times already! – The Best Friend

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