He Has Teeth & He Knows How to Use Them

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That would be correct…Glo-Worm has teeth…not a tooth…teeth as in more than one…he has two. His bottom two front teeth are coming in.

A conversation a few days ago in the truck with The Daddy after sticks his hand in the back to play with Glo-Worm:

The Daddy: Oh crap his teeth are sharp

Me: I told you they were

TD: I thought you said you could just see them

Me: I told you they were out

TD: I guess I didn’t realize they were out-out. He almost broke my skin. When did you tell me they were out?

Me: A few days ago when I said his teeth are out and they are sharp.

TD: Oh.

Glo-Worm is still on that cusp of just about doing everything. He is definitely sitting on his own now, fewer & fewer face plants from a sitting position ever day. He wants to crawl so badly, he works real hard at it.

Wednesday is the final day for his cast…WOO HOO!!!! We (him probably more than us) are so ready for it to be off. Our conversations kind go like this:

“I bet when he gets that cast off he will…”
“When that cast is finally off we can…”

After the cast is off he will be corrective shoes. He will have a flat bottom pair, these are for the day, and a pair with the bar between them, these are for night. Now these shoes are not cheap. So we applied to the Hadi Shriners to help us with the cost of the shoes. Our insurance covered most of his Doctor appointments and surgery, but they don’t cover the cost of the shoes. Thank goodness our application to the Shriners was approved. We are meeting with the doctors on August 17th in St. Louis, I will let you all know how it goes.

I have a jobby job. I will be working at Fitness 19. It is within walking distance from our house, so I will not have to drive to work. I will also be working evenings. This means The Daddy will have bedtime duty with Glo-Worm everynight, and we will not have to pay for daycare.

I think that is all the news we have right now.


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